The t-shirt is fundamental for casual wear and is widely accepted by both men and women in the few decades past.  They are not just an archetypal piece of casual clothing but also a plain image for artist and business persons alike.
    This has made the sale and design of t-shirt online a popular business. Many business persons have started an online t-shirt brand.A T-shirt or tee is a unisex style textile shirt. The name came from the T shape it has on the body and sleeves.
    It usually comes in short sleeves with no collar and has a crew neck (round neckline). The t-shirt is easy to clean and is mostly made of light and cheap fabric. The material is normally made of a cotton fabric in stockinet or jersey, knit and a uniquely elastic texture which makes it different from other shirts made of woven material.

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    Manufacturing t-shirts is a highly automated process that involves cutting the fabric with laser or water jet.The newer versions are made from the constantly woven tube on a rounded loom so that the chest is without side seams.The use of t-shirt has evolved from being an undergarment in the 19th century to a casual wear in the 20th century. 



    Burlesque posh dress outfits were well known after the success of a movie ‘Moulin Rouge.’ This musical film was a blockbuster and it starred celebrities, Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman.Moulin Rouge was a 2001 American-Australian jukebox romantic and comedy movie.
    It was co-written, directed and produced by Baz Luhrmann. It was the story of a young man, an English writer/poet falling in love with a Burlesque actress and courtesan Satine. She was the star of the Moulin Rouge.
    This movie made use of the musical settings of Montmartre Quarter of Paris, France. During the 74th Academy Awards, the movie won an award for the Best Costume Design.Since its fame, the Moulin Rouge posh dress outfits are seen more often than not at Halloweens and other costume parties all through the year.
    Subsequently, the day-to-day fashion and manufacture of Burlesque costumes emulated much of Burlesque stars in the film. What are the different types of Burlesque posh dress outfits that are obtainable?




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