More shapes are added to the neckline such as the V-neck and U-neck.
    The essence of the V-necklines was so that when another shirt is worn over it, it doesn’t stand out thereby decreasing or reducing the visible cloth on top of the outer shirt of a round neck shirt.
    You can bring your persona into your dress by designing your own t-shirt.
    It is one of the greatest ways to reflect your style.
    The style is not just how you dress, it’s much more than it; it is a way to express yourself.
    If there’s one way you can be the owner of your own style, it is by designing a shirt for yourself.
    Gone are the days when designing your own shirt was a strenuous and time-consuming task.
    When resources are limited, it even takes a much longer time alongside huge expenses that can dip a big hole on your pocket.
    With technology today, everything is much easier.
    How luckier can you get?
    Today’s technology now enables you to personalize your shirts in a simple and cost effective way.
    It is always fun to try and design a shirt yourself.
    It brings out your creativity.
    It doesn’t matter if you are going to do the printing yourself or find a professional printer to do it for you, you can always come up with your own design.
    All you need is to give it a thought
    Through websites program, you can select any t-shirt colour of your choice that you want to buy.
    The process goes in stages.
    First, you will have to select your preferred clothing piece.

    It doesn’t necessarily have to be t-shirts.





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